Singing greeting cards

Baeolophus bicolorZonotrichia albicollisSelasphorus rufusTurdus migratoriusAgelaius phoeniceusCarduelis flammeaMimus polyglottosCarduelis tristisPoecile atricapillaCardinalis cardinalis

Once I was finished with the Hummingbird poster at the Lab of Ornithology, I then got to have a little bit of fun designing images that were intended to be the covers of singing greeting cards. The sounds will be provided by the Macaulay Library, the leading scientific collection of biodiversity media, which is also housed at the Lab. They work with artists like Maya Lin and filmmakers from all over the world to provide recordings of animals for various projects. They also support research about animal communication and other behavior.

This was a really fun series for a couple of reasons. First, I got to paint both birds I was familiar with and those I was not so familiar with, Eastern and Western birds. I also got to play with the backgrounds a bit and put the birds in various settings in different seasons. This was a really great addition to my portfolio from my time at the Lab of O.



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