Randall Museum sketching

There’s a sweet little museum on the hill just north of the Castro District called the Randall Museum. It’s often overrun with kids but the views are spectacular and the opportunity to draw animals is stellar. While I have mixed feelings about captive animals, they sure offer some great opportunities to draw! The birds are the best because although they still move around, they can’t simply fly away right in the middle of a drawing.

Most of the birds in the exhibits at the Randall cannot be released because of injuries or illnesses that would not allow them to survive in the wild. So the birds and other animals provide so many opportunities for people to learn and interact, to think about their impact on the animals they interact with in the city and elsewhere. It’s a great resource and one I’m glad to enjoy today.

Tyto alba

Bombycilla cedrorum and Turdus migratorius



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