stormy spring day in the Headlands

It’s a little bit early for wildflowers but I was walking in Bernal Heights Park yesterday morning and noticed a number of flowers in bloom, including some surprising species. So I decided to go a little farther afield to see what else was blooming nearby. The Marin Headlands seemed like a good choice and I figured with the threatening skies, I’d have the trails to myself.

I hiked along the Coastal Trail above Rodeo Beach up to the Wolf Ridge Trail and then down the Miwok Trail back to the parking lot at the beach, about a 4 mile loop. The clouds obscured the sweeping views of the ocean and valleys from those trails so I was able to concentrate on the flowers in bloom.

Here’s the (partial) list of the flowers I saw: California Poppy, shooting star, Sticky Monkey Flower, Franciscan Paintbrush, Blue Dicks, Blue-eyed Grass, Forget Me Not, Wild Radish, Wild Cucumber, beach strawberry, blackberry, mustard, Crimson Columbine, Douglas Iris, lupine, willow, various vetches, sour grass, California Buckeye, mariposa tulip, Lily of the Valley, morning glory, Cala Lily, Mission Bells, sun cups, and lots of other yellow flowers (mostly asters) that I can’t identify. There were no grand carpets of color but I was pleased with the variety of flowers out already.


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