super moon

super moon rising over Monterey

I had the good fortune of being in Santa Cruz for the “super moon” earlier this month. I knew that no photograph I could take would do it justice so I sat in the wind near the lighthouse and waited with about 60 other people for the moon to rise in the east so that I could draw it. Santa Cruz is at the north end of Monterey Bay and many of the vantage points along the coast face east over the water, which provides the unusual experience (for West Coasters) of seeing the sun and moon rise over the ocean.

I wasn’t sure exactly where the moon would rise in early May so I scanned the horizon for about an hour trying to catch the first glimpse. It was a little hazy around the Salinas River valley so we saw the moon rise a little later than expected. But when it did, it was a lovely shade of pink coming up through the haze. Gorgeous! As it rose, it turned orange, then yellow, and finally the familiar pale blue of a bright, full moon.


One thought on “super moon

  1. That must have been a fantastic experience! I really like your drawing – it does capture the atmosphere. The Moon is superb. It was really nice to meet you.

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