Art of Nature 2013

It’s that time of year again! The Art of Nature exhibit will be opening at the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History on April 6, 2013. This is the annual exhibit of the California chapter of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI). I have three new pieces of work in this show, including the big feather piece I did back in the fall. I will also be participating in the live demo on May 3 from 5-8 PM. This is part of the First Friday Santa Cruz events for the month of May.

The First Friday event is a great way to engage with the public while talking a little bit about what I do. Typically for these types of demos, I pull up the video feeds for a couple of cameras on bird nests around the country and make sketches from the images on the live video feed. In past years, I have used the Great Blue Heron and Red-tailed Hawk cameras hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the nest cam on the Decorah, IA Bald Eagle nest, and the nest cams for both the San Francisco and San Jose Peregrine Falcon nests. In years past, the Peregrine eyasses (chicks) have been just little balls of fuzz but this year the San Jose and San Francisco nests laid eggs almost a full month before their typical lay date so it will be interesting to see where the chicks are in terms of development in May. Hopefully, we’ll still have young birds in the nests by then! I’ll bring drawings from past years so we can compare.

Hope to see you there!




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