a busy summer


As we move toward autumn, I am reflecting back on the past few months that have been full of new spaces and new inspirations. I’ve been a busy bee this year! I moved my studio to a new space in preparation for participation in the Open Studios tour this year. I am putting the finishing touches on the mural at Porter College. And I’m making new work for upcoming exhibits and projects!

This will be the first year that I participate in the Open Studios Art Tour organized by the Arts Council Santa Cruz County. The tour is a celebration of the vibrant arts community here in Santa Cruz County and I am very excited to be participating in both the South County weekend (October 10th & 11th) and the Encore Weekend (October 17th &18th). During the Open Studios Tour, the public is welcome to come visit my studio and watch me demonstrate some of the techniques I use in my work. I will have works in progress as well as both originals and prints for sale. I will also have a piece of work up at the Santa Cruz County Art League as part of the Preview Exhibition for Open Studios. That show opens on September 27th. The Open Studios guide will be available in the Santa Cruz Good Times weekly paper at the end of September.

I have also submitted a piece of artwork for the annual Miniatures show at the Monterey Museum of Art. That exhibit opens in October and serves as a fundraiser for the museum. Please visit the museum for the opening reception on October 2.

Earlier this summer, I spent several weeks traveling through various parts of California, participating in butterfly population surveys and exploring areas of the state I’ve never seen. In the coming weeks, the fruits of that inspiring trip will emerge as I develop drawings of some of the creatures I saw during my travels. I am also continually inspired by my connection to Pinnacles National Park and all the wonders that live in my backyard (and friends I keep finding in my new studio space!).

I hope some of you will be able to visit me during Open Studios and I will continue to share my works here for those who can’t!


2 thoughts on “a busy summer

  1. I recently received a thank you note written on a Cornell Ornithology card illustrated by Megan. How can I purchase a similar set?

    1. Hi Mark, My understanding is that you can only get these cards through the Lab of Ornithology. They are typically gifts that accompany a membership. If you visit birds.cornell.edu you should be able to find more details. Thanks for your interest!

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