painted in the morning before the tide went out and the surf started pumping

I am a 7th-generation Californian, pursuing my various interests in Santa Cruz and its environs.

I draw, paint, and photograph what interests me in the world. I also customize TOMS shoes, knit, and occasionally teach classes. You can purchase many of the items showcased here through my Etsy store.

Please take a look around. You can search through projects using the Categories to the right or just visit my Portfolio directly. These are intended to introduce you to the variety of projects I am working on at any given time, ranging from my work as a Scientific Illustrator to various side projects and exciting new ideas. Never having been entirely absorbed by a single medium, I am constantly exploring new media, processes, and creative projects. I love the variety that working in different formats and contexts provide. That’s why you’ll see my sketchbook, formal scientific illustrations, customized shoes, and much more! My purpose is to help others see the world as I see it: a place, despite its difficulties, of infinite beauty and delight. Please enjoy what you find here and feel free to share your thoughts on it too.

Below you will also find my resume, with information about the kind of work I’m doing, the skills I’ve developed along the way, and the exhibits I’ve participated in.



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