mural progress continues

I have been a busy bee lately! With September fast approaching, I am trying to get some projects done (or at least advanced). So I spent some quality time working on the mural earlier this week. I’m both refining parts that are already there and filling in spaces that I was neglecting. Can you see what details I’ve added or changed?






so much mural progress!

Like I said, I’ve been remiss in my updates and now I’m working to correct that.

The mural has come a long way since my last post! We’ve added plenty of color and texture, personality and interest to this project. I have re-learned to handle acrylic paint on a large scale. I’ve remembered the importance of looking at something from far away to get a better perspective (visually & mentally) on it. I’ve enjoyed hearing feedback from strangers & friends alike as this project continues to develop.

Here, see for yourself!





mural painting, step one

Step one: putting the drawing on the wall. Tonight I started this process many furry friends join me, including one skunk, four raccoons, and two deer. Look closely at this photo and you’ll see the skunk running under my step ladder.