update to Railway Romance

Sometimes, a client makes changes and a sign needs to be redone. I like this updated version!



Railway Romance signs

I reconnected with my old friends at Michael Daigian Design to do some signs for an upcoming wedding. The theme is “Railway Romance” and I really got to play with the Art Deco-style of the invitations. The signs included everything from reproducing the full menu (YUM!) to directional signs for guests to the big welcome sign. I love doing a batch of signs like this, where I can play with a color scheme and theme across a number of pieces.

sample projects

I learned my handwriting from a very strict 3rd grade teacher at my Catholic elementary school. She didn’t really appreciate my unconventional letter styles but I do have to thank her for teaching me the art of fine writing. I also draw inspiration from my aunt Nancy, who is an amazing calligrapher. Her work always reminds me that you can really make even the simplest things beautiful with calligraphy and beautifully formed letters.